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New Plasma Eye Lift

The New Plasma Eye Lift is the world class DC plasma device that is now available, finally, in the UK from Jett-Medical UK.  Used by doctors, professionals and high end aesthetic professionals, its taking the UK market by storm.  Patented DC technology for precision and safety for the ever expanding list of applicable beauty and aesthetic treatments that the New Plasma Eye Lift can achieve.
  • CE Certification (CE 1023) / Medical
  • Only DC Patented plasma device available in the world.
  • PLASMA Technology
  • ionized gas / fourth state of matter
  • Easy to use, with safe and effective treatments.
  • 1 device = 5 applicators = 8 intensities
  • Full range of dermalogical applications
  • Portable and easy to handle.
  • UK company for your peace of mind.
  • Jet Plasma Patented DC Technology for constant 0.01mm Dot
  • Multi Million Pound European Union manufacturing facility.


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Modern cosmetic device using technology of plasma discharge, suited for professional cosmetic treatments.
Removes small unsightly skin flaws and the results are visible immediately after the first treatment


How It Works

New Plasma Eye Lift is more powerful in terms of intensity when compared to purely cosmetic plasma device.  The device can perform the same plasma contact cosmetic treatments as New Plasma Eye Lift, the only difference being the strength of the plasma.
Jett Plasma Lift Profi

New Plasma Eye Lift generates plasma discharge, which when exposed to tissues triggers a specific reaction mechanism. Effect of plasma flow to the tissue allows very efficient peeling, tissue repair, their reinforcement, improve flexibility and strengthens resistance tissue and its defenses.

With the aesthetic treatments device can be treated face, neck, breasts and hands, it is good to remove small unaesthetic skin imperfections all over the body (after consultation with a dermatologist).

Jett Plasma Lift Profi

Summary of Your Treatment

  • smoothing of wrinkles
  • complementary treatment of acne
  • couperosis treatment (veins)
  • treatment of pigmented spots
  • treatment of scars and stretch marks
  • treatment of spider nevus
  • removal of small hemangiomas
  • removal of small veins
    (up to 1 mm in diameter)
  • Eye lift
  • Lip lines
  • Cheek jowel lift

Presentation of the treatment with 4 silver applicators (contact cosmetic treatment) – download here.

Summary of Your Treatment

  • Procedure Time

    30min - 1 hr 

  • Back to Work

    3 - 5days visible crusting of the skin with correct make up apx 2 days back to work

  • Aesthetic


  • Duration of Results


  • Recovery

    8-10 days

  • Risk & Complications

    Bruising, swelling, infection (if not cleaned)