3D Prescriptive Peels

3D Prescriptive Peels

3D Prescriptive Peels

3D Prescriptive Peels

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Our prescriptive medical peels are perfect for those wanting a deeper peel with longer lasting results. Perfect for thick sundamaged skin- lines and wrinkles. Also helps with scarring, oily/combination skin- rosacea.


Treatments Areas

Lightening peels- clear skin peels -Tca anti-ageing peels.

Summary of Your Treatment

  • Procedure Time

    1 hr

  • Back to Work

    Next day

  • Aesthetic


  • Duration of Results

    2-4 weeks

  • Recovery

    1 week

  • Risk/Complications

    Slight swelling, hypo pigmentation - hyper pigmentation.


Clearer brighter skin that glows. Better skin after sun damage and perfect for lines and wrinkles.

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Lee Stead

This place is great! From the people that work there to the treatments....after feeling very anxious about my treatment everyone made me feel very at ease with their professionalism, knowledge and skills at what they do, with the added extra of their general caring nature! had fab treatments which have made my skin so much smoother, glowing and general better appearance! Would recommend this place to anyone considering anything to do with their skin and I will certainly be going back!! Well done ladies...x

Tania Fabregas

Currently having treatment at Skin Solutions. Cannot recommend this place enough. The girls are very friendly and welcoming. I'm not even halfway through my treatment but can already see amazing results. Amazing place. So glad I found you.

Amanda Tyas

Just had a consultation about improving the overall quality of my skin in time for my wedding (December). Everything was explained very professionally and I felt at ease. I left with leaflets to look over and free samples. I have not been pressured to buy anything but I would love to try the SKINTECH package.. It sounds amazing and would be so beneficial to my skin which can be quite dry at times but oily at the same time in some areas! I was also offered advice about some of their products (accumax) to tackle breakouts around my jawline. Very caring and empathetic attitude. Thank you 

Lisa Moolna

Had my first vampire facial to try and improve skin tone and acne scarring. I was a bit worried about the discomfort but it was definitely bearable, especially with the lovely company of Leanne my therapist.

Unbelievably, my skin is already looking better, just 9 hours later and the scarring is less pigmented. And I have no discomfort at all. I'm so pleased I booked more treatments to receive the full recommended course.

Siobhan Sandy

I visited Skin Solutions today, my main concerns are acne scarring, congested and dull skin. Tracey advised me on which treatments were best for me and I booked a course of Microdermabrasion. Very helpful advice and Kiran who did my treatment made me feel very relaxed. Would definitely recommend, thank you ladies!

Julie Armitage

I spent Saturday morning relaxing in the spa , excellent hygiene standards and warm and welcoming staff.
Will definitely be recommending to friends.

Louise White

Staff really friendly. Very private unlike some other spa's. The way this spa has been done is very clever and would highly recommend it. All up to date treatments... had a facial that felt amazing!

Michelle Kenyon Sykes

Been for my first vampire treatment on Saturday 11th February my skin problem is like little bumps on my skin and I have no eyebrows it is now Wednesday and the bumps don't seem as prominent and also I have some eyebrow hair coming through really really happy have another 5 sessions to go and I am feeling very optimistic that this treatment will work . Will keep posting as I have each treatment thank you Tracy xx

Georgina Atkin

Had my first derma-planing, it was painless and very happy with the results! Will be recommending it to friends!

Rebecca Talbot

Really enjoyed my treatment at Skin Solutions today. Tracey and her team are really friendly and knowledgeable about the service they provide and Dr Jaya is lovely....I can't wait to see the results of my Anti Wrinkle Injectables! Looking forward to visiting again soon x